Why The Language Island Was Started

The Language Island was founded in Cobb County, GA by a teacher of 15 years. He founded our institution to be centered around the students and less about the bottom line. Therefore, our approach is much more personalized than other language centers. We are teachers because we want to truly help students. When new teachers join our team, the first thing we do is stress to them our integrity. We want to be crystal clear to them that ours is an institution that focuses on the needs of the students first.

Our curricula are specifically designed to be customized to the needs of each student. Our private courses are completely tailor-made to address the weaknesses and the needs of each individual student. Our group courses have a tiered structure customized to the needs of the students based on strategic initial assessments. That way, based on evaluations, each group course consists of students with similar needs and levels.

Be it a private or a group course, each student receives customized instruction designed to specifically target the areas where they need the most assistance. Ours is by no means just another cookie-cutter system where students are herded through or where the focus is on numbers over academics. There are plenty of other centers doing that already. When students and parents want real results, they find it with our “academics first” philosophy.

The bottom line is that we are here to help each and every student with their specific language needs. We do not see them as just another number. Quite the opposite, we see them as another student that needs our help to succeed. Again, we are teachers because we truly want to help our students and to see them grow.

The Language Island was founded by a teacher that had grown frustrated from years of working at institutions that cared more about money than actually helping students. Every decision we make is based on what we think is best for the students. Our founding principles are to truly help the students that come to us, to enrich their lives and to make a personal connection with each and every student. That is the best way to learn a new language.