14 July

Japanese-English False Friends

In this week’s lesson, we’re going to examine eight Japanese-English false friends. False friends in Japanese are a bit different than false friends in other languages. False friends between English …

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10 July

Chinese Vocabulary Quiz

Test your Chinese vocabulary with this matching exercise containing twenty-six core Chinese words. Match each Chinese word on the left with its English equivalent on the right. We’ve included Pinyin …

Portuguese Language
07 June

Spanish Comparatives

In English, comparisons can take two forms: synthetic (smarter, lesser, etc.) and compound (more talented, less interesting, etc.). Spanish, however, has three comparative forms: superior, inferior, and equal.   Superiority …

Portuguese Language
01 June

Spanish Superlatives

In Spanish, the comparative is used to express the relative value of two things. The superlative, however, makes no direct comparison. Instead, one thing is said to show some extreme, …

Teenage students studying foreign language
17 May

Imperfetto: The Italian Imperfect Tense

The Italian imperfetto (imperfect) tense can express actions that lasted an indefinite amount of time in the past, habitual actions in the past, or expressions of age, time, and weather …

Teenage students studying foreign language
20 April

Spanish-Italian False Friends

A speaker of one Romance language faces unique challenges when learning another. Among these is the false sense of security created by the large number of similarly-spelled words with similar …

16 April

Italian Irregular Verbs

For this week’s lesson, we’re going to look at the conjugations and uses of some of the most common Italian irregular verbs. These include first conjugation irregular verbs, as well …