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Falso Amico: Italian-English False Friends

February 23, 2016

Italian and English possess are surprisingly-large number of cognates. Italian words such as farmacia (pharmacy), intelligente (intelligent), and necessario (necessary) mean exactly what a native English speaker would expect them …

Portuguese-Spanish False Friends

February 10, 2016

Portuguese and Spanish are closely-related. The languages share a similar structure and many words have similar meanings. These similarities make watching out for false friends between the languages especially important. …

French Vocabulary Quiz Round Three

January 9, 2016

Test your French vocabulary with this new matching exercise containing an additional twenty-six words. Match each French word on the left with its English equivalent on the right. Check the …

The French Past Anterior

January 5, 2016

In French, the past anterior has the same function as the past perfect. Unlike the past perfect, however, the past anterior is used only in academic, literary, and historical writing. …

The French Imperative

January 4, 2016

This week we’re going to show how to conjugate the French imperative. This mood is used to give orders, make requests and recommendations, express desires, and offer advice. Conjugating the …