Editing Services


The Language Island’s Professional Editing Services cover all of an author’s editing needs by using experienced editing professionals that do high-quality editing with a quick turnaround time. Our editors are experienced with all forms of writing.  Our editors have experience editing novels, full-length non-fiction books, novellas, query letters, or smaller documents such as resumes, dissertations, or essays. The Language Island provides seasoned professionals with extensive backgrounds in writing, grammar, syntax and style.

GPS (Grammar, Punctuation, Syntax) Editing

Our GPS Editing service includes corrections of spelling, grammar, punctuation, typographical errors, missing words, and proper word usage. Professional editors will provide a second set of eyes, finding and correcting the types of errors that even experienced writers overlook when editing their own work.

Content Editing

Language Island Content Editing is a comprehensive editing service that can take your story from ordinary to extraordinary. Nobody, not even published authors, writes the perfect story on the first draft. If one plans on publishing an award-winning story, one needs to have it read critically by a seasoned editing professional.

Content Editing is often needed in addition to our GPS package to ensure each manuscript is the best that it can be. Moreover, one of our most experienced editors will work with you to improve your story in the following ways:

  • Reducing wordiness
  • Correcting faulty diction
  • Reworking awkward sentence structures
  • Reordering scenes
  • Closing holes in the plot
  • Checking for inconsistencies in characters’ speech and behavior
  • Giving more emphasis to certain characters
  • Removing characters that don’t add to the story

An editor will communicate with the client at each stage of the editing process. He or she will provide comprehensive examples of and suggestions for improvement, while working to ensure that the story stays true to the author’s own unique voice and vision.

Where's the grammarian when you need one?
Where's the grammarian when you need one?